Terms & Conditions



Full payment due at time of booking. For your convenience, we provide online booking. Other forms of payment are accepted on an individual basis based on situation and circumstances.


Seattle Bicycle Tours (Puget Sound Adventures LLC); acts solely as an agent in all matters related to the tour, and is not liable for damage, injury or death, loss or accident to any person or to baggage or other personal property you may damage, lose, misplace or believe stolen while on tour. We reserve the right to reroute or change any itinerary or make substitutions of equal value should conditions warrant. We reserve the right to cancel any tour. The payment of the required deposit or any partial or full payment for the tour shall constitute the passenger’s consent to the above provisions.


We need at least two people to be in operation with any form of coupon deals.
Please show up 15 minutes before the tour to check-in and gear up. Tours do not include tax and booking fees. We operate out of a storage unit so we have no storefront. Look for our green SBT signs at our meet-up location. If you are holding the group back due to your biking ability or their lack of we reserve the right to lock your bike so we can continue the tour at the proper pace.


If you cancel a tour, there is a $15 cancellation service fee per person. No cancellations are accepted within 14 days; however, you can reschedule. No show on the day of the tour means NO REFUND!